Suncoast Foundation Events

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UPCOMING and ONGOING EVENTS – see school communications for details

November 9, 2024                          Suncoast Foundation Annual Gala ILLUMINATED at The Beach Club, Palm Beach

August 24, 2024                              College Applications Bootcamp starts

May 14, 2024                                    9th-12th Grade College Planning – Educational Excellence

May 2, 2024                                      Making the Most of Your Summer – Admissions Empowerment Consulting

April/May 2024                               Digital SAT Diagnostic and Practice Platform available to all Suncoast students

April 17, 2024                                   Free Session: Writing a Killer College Essay – CollegePrep360

April 13, 2024                                   Free Digital SAT Diagnostic Exam – SimplifiEDU

April 5-13, 2024                               Suncoast Foundation Online Auction — FIRE SALE COMING UP!

April 9, 2024                                    Artificial Intelligence in the World of Education – Score At The Top/ Robinovitz & Assoc

March 6, 2024                                 College Planning – Get Write Into College

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